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Here's a look at my latest custom guitar project - the neck is outfitted with the True Temperament fretting system.  The neck itself is a 24.75" scale conversion neck from Warmoth , Maple shaft, Pau Ferro fretboard. I used a leftover Fretman decal (bought a hundred years ago from e-Decals), and sprayed the neck with about 20 coats of nitrocellulose lacquer, (10x tinted and 10x clear), bought from Reranch.  

Brad's True Temperament/Warmoth neck

Next the neck will get a bone nut, and Hipshot tuners.  For now, it will be joined to an S style body I have layin' around...  but in time, it will get a totally custom body, befitting of such a special neck!


Another great release update by Scuffham Amps - S-Gear 2.4.  I had the pleasure of doing some demos for the "Custom '57" amp model, along with Jerry Stevenson and Zabukowski. Audio clips available here:

Scuffham S-Gear "CUSTOM '57" SOUNDS


Scuffham Amps S-Gear has a new amp model, the "Wayfarer", available in their forthcoming release, due out 1q Sept '13.  I had the pleasure of doing some audio clips showing off the new addition - here's the first, "Redhook Sun", on youtube: 




I am VERY pleased to announce that I have a brand new custom guitar, built for me by master luthier Gary Fried. This guitar, dubbed the 'Shor-T" is a collaboration between myself and Gary Fried.  Gary describes it in detail on his website, here: FRIED GUITARS/BRAD CRAIG "SHOR-T" MODEL

Here's the Shor-T in action in a youtube clip:"Shor-T Blues"

Fried Guitars / Brad Craig